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My GTC's
Business conditions

Under the terms of
EU privacy Regulation (EU-DSGVO)
Terms and conditions

1. Applicability
I sell and deliver exclusively to my general and specific conditions. Exceptions must be specifically confirmed in writing by me. The acceptance of deliveries or partial deliveries shall in any case as a recognition of my delivery and business conditions.

2. Offer
All my offers are not binding. The contract is concluded only after the delivery or the written acceptance of the offer by the customer.

3. Delivery
Delivery dates are deemed agreed approximately. For meeting the deadline, the timely dispatch the goods. Claims for damages due to delayed delivery are excluded in any case. Obvious defects immediately in writing to me, the buyer, otherwise I'm exempt from any liability for defects.

4. Shipping and dangers
I deliver, unless otherwise agreed, at the expense and risk of the purchaser. The transport risk is also borne by the customer when the Versandko¬sten exceptionally be borne by me. Shipping charge will be taken from the invoice amount deducted, the total amount is the property reserve claimed until the payment.

5. Retention of title, publicity rights
All photos delivered remain my property until full payment. Publishing rights are invariably initially limited given by me is on my account until the required fee. Only then are the granted to you Erstveröffentlichungsrechte, in accordance with the agreements reached, valid. Any other use is new fee. Was the delivery carried out on behalf of the customer, this is required to transfer a copy.

6. Prices and payments
Unless otherwise agreed, my fees are expressed in EURO plus VAT. Cost of any necessary extrajudicial reminders to the buyer.

7. Copyright and compensation
All photos provided are subject to my copyright. To publish my written consent is generally required. Photos are unjustified, that is to be paid on time without my consent or without the agreed fee, published, reproduced or used in any other form, this constitutes a claim for damages of at least 1500, - EUR per photo. Is a product supplied to publish photo, contrary to the original intention expressed not published, I am entitled for an administration fee of at least 30, - EUR to invoice. The publication fee, the customer owes until he has a change of intended use reported in writing with me. It should be signed by me initially introduced contract form in individual cases a corresponding.

8. Image labeling, Author Note
Published photos are basically the author Note Photo: to mark Ralph Matzerath if this is common and possible for the publication medium. In no event images may be marked with the name of the user or client.

9. Liability and "portrait rights"
Provided are mapped to the delivered Photos individuals the right goes all liability for injuries
own image, and all other Schadensersatzansprü¬che which may arise from the use of such material after it is released, to the customer. Any liability waivers by the copyright holder need only be in writing.

10. Place of performance and jurisdiction
If one point of these conditions not be legally compliant, stay all further valid.

Jurisdiction and performance for both parties is exclusively 40764 Langenfeld / Rheinland.
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